Food handouts by Tocco Toscano

This year, the Covid-19 situation in Bangkok led to multiple rounds of lockdowns causing the loss of income, jobs and closures of multiple business. Our sales has also been hit since people are not commuting or traveling as often.

Nevertheless, we are still able to cope with the situation thanks to regular customers and our strong foundations. However, there are plenty of those in our community who aren't as lucky as us.

We felt it is time we did something about it, we decided to do something to help the people in the community who genuinely needs it. 

Bags on sale for the Food Donation Drive

To help the community and those affected, and also to put to good use products that have some form of imperfections or prototypes materialized as part of our research and development at discounted prices.

We decided to sell these bags that are still in near-perfect conditions but not good enough to sell as brand new because of our quality control standards at a discount.

It was good to see regular customers enquiring about the campaign and purchasing a few extra bags to show their support.

Within a few days, we raised enough to hold 2 days of food donation, 13 August and 14 August. For this two days we will be handing out freshly cooked food outside our showroom at 818/38 The Master @BTS Udomsuk.

The food will be prepared by the staff our sister company, Bee Choo Origin Thailand.

- More to be updated post event - 


UPDATE: 13 August 2021

We caught glimpses of the "Thai Smile" that has been missing since the start of the pandemic last year.

First glimpse - Seeing our staff wake up early, 5am, to prepare the food for handout with a big smile on their faces.

Second glimpse - The people coming to take a warm pack of freshly cooked food and water.

With the money we raised, we prepared a total of 100 boxes of food and water for 13 August and will prepare another 100 boxes for 14th August.

Even though it is not enough to help the entire community, it still counts for something.

It brings us great satisfaction to see our customers joining in the handout programs through purchasing bags put up for sale for this campaign and recommending their friends to join in as well.

100 boxes isn't enough; we handed out everything within 30 mins. We've decided to put up more items for sale for this campaign and hopefully we can do a few more days of handout during this period of lockdown.

Be part of our handouts.