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With over 30 years of experience in the luxury bag business, we are confident in the quality of our products.

For those new to Tocco Toscano; to help you ease your worries about the quality of our leather products, we will offer a 14 days money-back guarantee in the rare event you aren't happy with what you receive.

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Reserved Items - limited number of pieces. Item will be delivered direclty from Singapore, expect to receive item 3-4 weeks after payment

 TOS x SIA is created by fusing upcycled life vests with apple leather which has been upcycled from apple waste. It serves as a sneak preview to our upcoming launch—Singapore’s first apple leather collection. This collaboration demonstrates our continued efforts to provide greater vegan-friendly alternatives while reinforcing Singapore Airlines' commitment to sustainability.

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Tocco Toscano Thailand


SKU: TTK553HG0002-0008/SS

4,100 ฿

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History of Quality

Tocco Toscano, meaning "Touch of Tuscany", originated in Florence, Tuscany. The spirit of Tuscany is centred on the pursuit of beauty and infusion of art into the aspects of everyday life. Providing functional fashion with the luxury of choice, we offer a wide range of different product types and styles that complement all aspects of the modern individual’s lifestyle. Today, Tocco Toscano is present in several countries. With a strong flair for design and an accumulation of 30 years of manufacturing expertise, the brand is helmed by the father and son team of James and Joseph Lor.

Learning the Trade

Apprenticeship in Florence

Our founder, James Lor, was given the opportunity to learn leather craft by Mr Valecchi Stefano, who ran a small workshop in Florence. Stefano also owned TOSCANO – the label under which he sold his leather merchandise, mostly bespoke items, to a niche local clientele.

During his apprenticeship, James was so impressed by the skill, intricate techniques and attention to detail that the craftsmen exhibited, he felt the need to introduce these quality products to the Asian consumer at an affordable price. Stefano eventually granted him licensing rights to TOSCANO in South-East Asia.

Toscano In Asia

First store prescence

In 1987 James returned to Singapore and launched TOSCANO in various department stores throughout the country. His early goods were imported directly from Stefano’s workshop but did not sell as well as he had hoped. He quickly realised that although the quality and essence of TOSCANO was to be maintained, he had to implement certain design tweaks to better appeal to the local market.

From Father to Son

A Second Generation Business

In 2016, James’s son, Joseph, took over as the CEO of Tocco Toscano, allowing the way for James to focus on his true passion - design.

From Father to Son: A Second Generation Business

James created Tocco Toscano with the intention to provide beautiful, well made leather products to a wide variety of people, at a fair price. When Joseph took over, the intention was the same, just with an extended vision - infusing functional elements into their current designs; Functional fashion with the luxury of choice. 


Thai Office

Faire Leather Co. together with parent company Tocco Toscano set up office in the Kingdom of Thailand.

บริษัท Faire Leather Co. พร้อมทั้งบริษัทแม่ Tocco Toscano ได้เปิดตัวเรียบร้อยแล้วในราชอาณาจักรไทย

Faire Toscano Thai Co., Ltd

Opening of Store at G tower

Toscano Store

The Group decided to opened a physical retail space at G Tower, Central Rama 9 so that customers can come down to see and feel our materials.

We are usually opened but do drop us a message on Line@ to check if your favourite product is in-stock!

Showroom At Udomsuk


Commemorated our 1-year anniversary with the opening of our second store @The Master Udomsuk

Check our stores location and operating hours.

Faire Leather Co.

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