3 Ways you can support #DifferentlyAbled people

 Official Press Release from Tocco Toscano Global

This 2nd April, 2021 would mark the 10th World Autism Awareness Day. At Tocco Toscano, we strongly believe in supporting what is good for society and the World. To spread the love, we bring to you the " 3 ways that you can support and include Autistic patients and their families in Thailand " so that YOU can help and include these #DifferentlyAbled in our society.


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1. Learning more about them 

According to the Disease Control Association, it is found that Autism (or ASD) can be found in 1 out of 54 kids. However, it is hard to this spot them because Autism is a "Spectrum Syndrome" and in some case make it hard for us to differentiate them from the crowd. 
To understand and support them, you can equip yourself with fundamental understanding of what is Autism, what these people are and are not capable of, what they are going through, and ways you can help them (like this blog!). With better knowledge, it would paint a better picture of what difficulties they and the people supporting them are facing.
Here's a few links:

What is Autism - Autism Speaks

2. Supporting their families

Though many would not ask you for help, supporters of autistic children would often need to sacrifice their leisure time and off-days to give their children the care they need. Offering to help them take care of their children is thoughtful... but if you do not have any special experience or knowledge, there is a high chance that you would be rejected. Instead, you can help them do simple household chores or offer them transport when needed. Simple things like;

"Hey, can I help with your dishes?" and "Do you want a lift" are the kind acts they would greatly appreciate you for.

If there's a chance you really want to do more than helping those in your neighbourhood, you can also join online communities and offer them help when there are requests.

Facebook groups of communities in Thailand:
สมาคมผู้ปกครองบุคคลออทิซึม ไทย


3. Supporting their artworks and/or support them through donations.

In Thailand and overseas, many organisation, foundations and individuals are raising awareness about Autism and garnering supports for the everyday necessity of these individuals. These efforts include accepting donations, fund-raising activities and sales of artworks from their artists. In Thailand, Artstory by AustismThai sells wonderful artworks and merchandise by their talented artists to support the children inside their foundation.

To celebrate the abilities of these talented artists, Tocco Toscano has joined hand with The Art Faculty, to release the first TAF Edition featuring the artwork by Asher Won.

Asher will earn royalties from sales from this collaboration and at the same time know the value of his work.

Tocco Toscano is proud to be the supporter of these special artists and a channel  for them to showcase their work.

The Art Faculty is a social enterprise by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), to celebrates abilities of people with autism and related challenges. Find out more


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